I have been fortunate enough to have trained hundreds of players all over the world, including over 75 NBA players. My approach to training these players is the same whether it’s a high school player or an NBA All Star. There are many factors that go into a player reaching his or her potential. 1) Work Ethic 2) Commitment 3) Conditioning 4) Proper Footwork 5) Confidence. It is more competitive than ever, at every level, to get a roster spot and talent alone sometimes is not enough anymore. You have to live, on AND off the court, like a true basketball athlete.

The drills I have created over the years have pushed players to reach their MAX potential. The drills combine using what some players already know with a unique way of teaching detailed, subtle movements, footwork, and reactions.

Many NBA players have come to me to not only prepare them for the NBA but to observe their progress thru their seasons. They have trusted me with their careers to get them to reach their lifetime goals. A level of trust is earned by both of us and the relationships I have gained through this are lifetime ones.

I work with players of ALL levels:

My Pre-Draft program has produced some of the best recent draft picks including Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Brook and Robin Lopez, and Tyreke Evans. My facilities are based in Chicago, LA and Boston but I will travel anywhere to work with players.
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Do not underestimate hard work. If you want to be great, put the time in.

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