"I have been working with Rob since I graduated from high school and the results speak for themselves. His system and guidance have made me an NBA All Star, and I will work with Rob my entire NBA career."

Derrick Rose

2012 NBA All Star
2010-2011 NBA MVP
2011 All Star Starter and First Team All NBA
2009 NBA Rookie of the Year
2010 NBA All Star
"Rob has helped my game in many ways. Skill work, shooting, and refining my post game have been areas of improvement for me since working with Rob. I have great confidence that I can score from any spot on the floor."

Kevin Love

2012 Olympic Team Gold Medalist
2011 NBA Most Improved Player
2011 NBA All Star, 2011 NBA Rebounding Title
2009 NBA All Rookie Second Team
"​I have been working with Rob since college and he has made my transition from college to the NBA very smooth. His detailed, intense, and unique workouts push me to achieve my goals. I have improved every year since I have worked with Rob and will continue to train with him every year."

Russell Westbrook

2012 and 2013 NBA All Star
2012 and 2013 All-NBA Second Team
2012 Olympic Team Gold Medalist
2011 NBA All Star
2011 All-NBA Second Team
2009 NBA All Rookie First Team
"I've practiced and worked at basketball my entire life. I've never had the attention to detail and total skill workouts that I've had with Rob. To be the best, you have to work with the best--that means working with Rob."

Chandler Parsons

2012 NBA Second Team All Rookie
"Rob has helped me tremendously in my game. I feel more confident as an offensive player and I am much more assertive once I get the ball. Rob is continuing to expand my game in many different areas."

Al Horford

2010 and 2011 NBA All Star
"My workouts with Rob have improved every part of my game including ball handling, shooting, quickness, speed, patience, and conditioning. The workouts are tough mentally and physically but I know it prepares me for the tough competition of the NBA. Rob’s training prepares you for everything so there are no surprises once the game starts. "

Tyreke Evans

2010 NBA Rookie of the Year
"In May of 2009, I gave birth to my daughter, Lailaa. I was forced to start from square one and work my way back up. Rob agreed to take on the challenge of helping me in my comeback and he did just that. His workouts worked me back into shape while improving my skill set through many challenging, versatile drills. In July of that same year, I realized I had gotten to where I needed to be and went back to playing basketball just 2 months shy of giving birth."

Candace Parker

2-time Olympic Gold Medalist
"After my first workout with Rob I knew he was going to help me. His workouts are intense, efficient and tailored to what you need. He is all business and just wants to see you get better."

John Wall

Washington Wizards
"The thing I love about Rob's workouts are that everyone of them are game situations. I feel like it’s the 4th quarter under 5mins to go every time I'm working out. That's when the best players perform. The harder you work during peace the less you bleed during war."

Brandon Jennings

Milwaukee Bucks
"I've been working with Rob since college and the skills and instructions to my development as a player has been very beneficial. The fundamentals of the game that he focuses on along with your style of play helps incorporate your identity as a player. The continued work with Rob helps me stay on top of my game and helps me stay amongst the players who wants to become an NBA All Star."

Ryan Gomes

Oklahoma City Thunder
"I started working with Rob to prepare me for the 2008 NBA Draft workouts. I did not have a lot of time to prepare. I needed results and I needed them fast. Working with Rob got me where I needed to be and I will continue to train with him every offseason to get me to the top of my game."

Danilo Galinari

Denver Nuggets
"Training on the court with Rob is unlike any other training I have done. The training is game speed, game intensity, and game moves. Everything we do prepares me for the rigorous 82 game season of the NBA."

Gerald Henderson Jr.

Charlotte Bobcats
"Working with Rob for 8 years, he has been the catalyst in getting my game to the professional level. With Rob, I have seen consistent improvement in my skills from high school, through college and into the professional ranks. I train only with Rob McClanaghan."

Jimmy Baron

ACB Spain
"As a professional basketball player, playing in both the NBA and the top European League (Spain), I have worked out with a lot of different coaches and trainers. By far, Rob is the best I have seen. He is dedicated. He's enthusiastic. He's intense. And, he's someone that is always trying to better and innovate his craft, which in turn betters his players. The following season after working out with Rob, I had the best year of my career. I instantly became one of the best players in Spain and the Euro League competition."

Ruben Garces

"I had a great experience working with Rob. He didn't do the normal cookie cutter workout for everyone. He studies your game and then puts you in drills that you specifically need to work on to improve your overall game. He pushes you hard and makes you become better everyday."

Jimmer Fredette

Sacramento Kings
"He came with great praise from other players on the engaged style of his workouts. He gets out and defends and bangs with the players, adds a presence to his workouts that gets a little more out of you."

Steph Curry

Golden State Warriors
"I've been working with Rob since I was in high school  I've seen improvements in every part of my game while working with him. He understands where I am and where I want to go as a player and a teammate. I have great confidence in my future because of the hard work we put in together daily"

Dion Waiters

Oklahoma City Thunder
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