Jab Step


One of the best moves a player can use in a one on one situation is the jab step. It is a very simple, yet effective way to get the defender off balance and create a shot without using a lot of dribbles (and sometimes no dribbles at all).  The greatest thing about the jab step is that you can use it at any position and from any spot on the floor.  Guys like Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Love, Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant have all mastered it. And all of these guys can use both left and right jabs. When a player can do this, they now have double the moves.  As you work on your jab, make sure you are low, bend your hips not your waist, on balance and jab AT the defender. Do not jab to the side. It is used to create space between you and the defender. Off the jab, you can do a lot of things: jump shot, pump fake, one dribble blow by, etc. The most important thing to remember is to be very patient. The most effective jabs are always efficient, slow ones to keep the defender thinking. If you watch guys like Duncan and Pierce they really take their time with it and keep the defender off balance. The more rushed it is, the less effective it will be. SLOW IS QUICK.

  • Joe King

    “bend your hips not your waist”

    I’m trying to understand how this works. Does this mean bend my knees slighty to get in a universal athletic stance?